How to throw an ultimate Peppa Pig theme Birthday Party

We all know that toddlers are crazy for Peppa Pig so for their next birthday why not give them the ultimate Peppa Pig birthday party! Here is the sneak peak at Baby Bitsy’s 3rd Birthday party.

Decorating home is always fun and it gives me peace of mind and satisfaction. Also this awwes the eyes of every guest coming to your home. Parties organized at home need more efforts specifically theme based birthday parties. We’ve celebrated my daughter’s first birthday in India and the theme was ENCHANTED THEME. Later we shifted to London and we celebrated her second birthday at home. At that time she was more facinated about animals, so I selected the JUNGLE THEME. I decorated our home and it was very much appreciated by all our guests, specialy children who attended the party. This year again, we’ve celebrated PEPPA PIG theme for her 3rd birthday party with our family and friends! Cannot wait to share how everyone enjoyed the decoration and games we planned for the party. Some glimpse and detail of decorations follow:

Peppa Pig birthday party invitation

Peppa Pig Backdrop

Peppa pig backdrop

For backdrop similar to the above picture, you’ll require a complete wall or a part of it in your living room. And I guess you’ll agree with me that the most catchy decoration in this backdrop is Peppa pig house.

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Enchanted Theme Birthday decoration

Baby Bitsy’s 1st Birthday

A milestone year 🎉🎊,
A moment for smiles 😊,
And a few happy tears.

It’s hard to believe
How fast time has flown.
You started out so small,
But how quickly you’ve grown.


For every parent their child’s 1st birthday is a big MILESTONE to celebrate and for that they would like to do a small or big party. Even though kids won’t remember it, every parent want it to be rememberable. So at this age it’s still nice to do something special. You’ll be creating memories for yourselves, and you can also take pictures that you and your child can look back on.

It was the same feeling for me too as I had to plan for my daughter’s 1st birthday theme. My daughter came as an angel in my life, so it didn’t took much time for me to decide the birthday party theme which was “Tinker Bell and friends enchanted birthday party.”

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Jungle Theme Birthday Decoration

Baby Bitsy’s 2nd Birthday party at home.

Last year I had celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday at home. I had put a small effort in birthday party decoration using available stuffs at home. So, just thought of sharing some ideas with you all for your kids upcoming birthday party.

JUNGLE THEME Decoration as toddlers loves animals.

Soft toys, jungle animals, christmas tree and lights, flowers n pots, crepe paper green n brown, balloons, long waste chart paper for tree which u get in amazon boxes, printouts of animals, welcome n birthday boy/girl name, some wall decals and artificial leaves(you can make ur own with green chart paper too) from amazon as per your budget, photographs and left over craft work if u have any. For more details please continue reading.

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How to track your baby 1st year milestones?

Watching how your child develops and reaches new milestones is one of the most exciting things for mom.Every kid has different pace for reaching monthly milestones. So, don’t worry!  Just enjoy motherhood.

I would like to share baby Bitsy 1st year milestones(see photographs, click on continue reading). If you are a mother of new born baby than this post will definitely help you in tracking your baby milestones.You will definitely enjoy looking at all the milestones chart the day your baby will celebrate first birthday.

There are different ways to document your baby first year milestones like writing down in a diary, baby scrap book, taking photos etc. I liked the idea of taking baby photographs on every monthly birthday and then writing down the achieved milestones on the monthly birthday picture, see below photographs, I did the same for my daughter.

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