How to spend 4 nights in Venice with your toddler. Tips for travelling to Venice.

Admire beauty of Venice in Day & Night ♥️ through the eyes of Baby Bitsy.


Day 1: Gatwick, Airport to Marco Polo Airport, Venice

Day 2: Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal, Basilica of ST. MARK’S, Bell tower, San Polo, and San Marco district

Day 3: Cannerigo and Burano Island

Day 4: Murano and Doge’s palace

Venice Diaries (No roads and No cars in Venice, only water boats, Bridges and pathways).

Day 1

Baby Bitsy was facinated when we told her that we are going to visit Italy in our next Holiday. She had read about it in her favorite Peppa pig books and saw it in one of the Peppa Pig episodes (Holiday in Italy). Few days before the trip she started to ask, ‘Mommy, when are we going to Italy?’. She even learned about the calendar and days of the week due to excitement for this trip. Usually Baby Bitsy gets up late in the morning, but that day she got up early in the morning without any fuss, and got ready for her most awaited holiday to Italy.

Tips: To make your toddler learn days of the week.

Mark your journey date in the wall calendar and show it to your kid. Ask them to make a cross each day and count the remaining days. It will be fun task to make him remember number of days, and days of the week.


Eagerly waiting for her flight

We took our flight in morning around 8 a.m from Gatwick airport to Marco Polo Airport (VCE). Venice is served by two airports: Venice Marco Polo (the main airport), and Treviso Airport.

During our trip we noticed a good change in Baby Bitsy’s behavior. At places like Airport queues, security checks, and waiting areas she listened to us and didn’t run here and there as she used to do earlier. Also, she willingly sat in her seat in the airplane (with at least one of her toys, of course) and fastened her seatbelt without any fuss.

Tips: For flying with a toddler

Don’t pull out all your tricks at once. Too many times parents pull out the snacks and have a movie playing while plane is still boarding. Flying for most kids is exciting. Let them just take it all in for a while, keep your energy up and be creative with them.

Talk to them about your trip, tell them do’s and don’t for the trip. Save the snacks, coloring book, and tablet time for when they’ve actually gotten bored with the experience. Play with a plastic bottle/lid, tissues, find a willing participant to peek-a-boo or let them play with the menu/safety card.

Flying high in a plane, up above the clouds and rain. Flying high sunny sky, flying high and high and high.

Views from the plane

Flying to Marco Polo Airport is more scenic, as planes generally descend over the Alps, and Venetian lagoon, with splendid views of Venice.

Views from the plane
Beautiful Alps
Clouds bed
Venetain lagoons

It took us around 2hrs to reach Marco Polo Airport, which is located on the mainland about 13 km from Venice. Around 11:15 a.m we comfortably landed Marco Polo Airport in Italy.

Marco Polo Airport Venice

How to reach the center of Venice from Airport.

You can take a private water taxi or go through one of the below mentioned options.

Shuttle Bus
Shuttle Bus
Alilaguna ferry,
who again have a
desk in the Arrivals hall.
It wanders across the
lagoon and takes over
an hour to get to San marco. For more
information and timetables
ATVO run an express coach,
taking c. 25 minutes
to Piazzale Roma from
Marco Polo. Cost c. 8 euros.
 For more information and time table see
Another is the ACTV
scheduled bus No 5
slightly slower at
c. 35 minutes and takes
8 euros a ticket to take you to
Piazzale Roma.
 For more information and time table see

Tips: For traveling in bus to Piazzale Roma

We purchased the tickets from the ticket machine just outside the airport and boarded the bus. Before boarding the bus you must activate the ticket on the machine located at the bus stop.

A road bridge, eastern end of the road terminates in Piazzale Roma.

The magic of Venice continues in short bus journey as you see the Venice lagoon and pass through Ponte della Libertà (“Liberty Bridge”), which is a road bridge connecting the historical centre (islands) of the city of Venice to the mainland part of Venice. It took 20 minutes to reach Venice Piazzale Roma. It is a square in Venice at the entrance of the city, at the end of Ponte della Libertà.

Venice Piazzale Roma to Cannerigo
There are no motor cars and motor roads inside the city of Venice. So we took the water bus ticket (vaporetto) n. 1 to Rialto/San Marco (€ 7,50 per person). This water bus starts from water bus stop C at Pizzale Roma. To reach to city center, we got off at Cà D’Oro boat stop and after walking 1 minute we reached our apartment around 1 p.m.

Tips: For finding groceries before reaching apartment

You will find coop store in Piazzale Roma, 499 which remains open until 20:30. You can buy milk, and groceries from there before reaching your apartment, so that again you don’t have to go out in search of supermarket. You can quickly make something fresh for your kid in the kitchen, and get rest of the groceries when you go out for a walk.

It was nice and cozy apartment in Cannaregio. We booked it from Airbnb (Casa’ Fancy in the heart of Venice. ) After relaxing we decided to go out and explore beauty of Venice at night.

All ready for Dinning out

The place was very central and lively because Venetians live there. It offered all amenities. Supermarkets, shops, bars, local restaurants and famous Venetian “bacari” (traditional eateries) were in the immediate vicinity. We had a scrumptious dinner at a restaurant in S. Marco, it was bit expensive but worth it. We were offered some Italian sweetdish and different types of shots for free.

Sea food Dinner

After roaming around we got some groceries from nearby Coop (Cannareigo, 1976 = Open until 20:30 hours). In Venice you can find small supermarkets in every visinity.

Venice is probably best seen at night; so we decided to walk around the deserted streets and savor the intimate atmosphere of this island city.

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It was beautiful sunny day, after having our Breakfast we decided to explore Venice’s most famous Grand Canal, Rialto bridge and San Marco.

Baby Bitsy was super excited to wear her beautiful new red coat and all set to explore Venice in day time with Mr. Teddy and Daddy.

First thing which attracts every tourist in Venice are the bedecked gondolas gracefully gliding through dreamy waterways.


You must be thinking that next we would have taken a gandola ride, but we didn’t. Baby Bitsy was so happy running around that she didn’t liked the idea of sitting quietly in a boat. This was her first visit when we didn’t strap her in stroller, so she was more than happy to explore Venice by foot. We too just felt it was better to walk without purpose and just soak up Venice.

Tips: For carrying baby strollers.

You can arrive in Venice with just your baby carrier and suitcases. Check the baby equipment rental service MamaRent which I found while reading one of the travel blog. The lightweight strollers are the best option as you’ll be carrying it up and down on the bridges.

Next we went to the Rialto Bridge which is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice. This little bridge is definitely a sight to stop off at when you visit Venice because the views of and from the bridge are the most iconic images of Venice.

Rialto Bridge
Beautiful gandolas gracefully gliding in Grand Canal

Historically it remained the only way to cross the Grand Canal until 1854 when the Accademia Bridge was opened. We spent some time there, took some pictures, and enjoyed the scenic views from it. Also, you can see some love locks at the bridge.

Baby Bitsy with her Teddy at Rialto bridge (Did u see the love locks?)

And, once you’ve seen the bridge, you can stroll across and into the San Polo district. San Polo is a small district outside of the Rialto Bridge area. We walked though the narrow alleys to see some locals and spot that was anything interesting. You can just admire the buildings, quaint restaurant, pubs, shops, and the little churches.

Shops on our way to San Marco square

Then we headed towards most famous San Marco square to see the Basilica di San Marco (Basilica of St Mark’s), the Campanile (bell tower) and the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace).

When we reached there some open air concert preparation was going on. Venice is known for her beauty as well as her music, so don’t be surprised to find a small concert taking place on the square in the evenings. 

St. Mark’s square

St. Mark’s Basilica is known for its opulent design and gilded mosaics it is fondly called “Chiesa d’Oro” which translates to “Church of Gold”.

We really liked it but we couldn’t spent more time there as it was lunch time and we thought a cup of coffee and cake will quench our hunger. Also, seeing the long queue we decided to skip viewing the city and lagoons from the top of Bell tower. So, we came back to our cozy apartment for lunch and Baby Bitsy’s day nap.

Tips: For visiting St. Mark’s square

Do walk away from St. Mark’s square for restaurants and you will be happy you did. Return at night to enjoy the music and an overpriced coffee or cocktail at night. The atmosphere when the hordes of tourists have gone home is magical.

At evening time we chose to explore Venice waterways and best and cheap option was public transport Vaporetti.

Tips: For travelling Venice at night waterways

A single trip on a vaporetto costs €7.50 (valid for 75 minutes), whether you take the boat for one stop or for a whole Grand Canal tour. So, take a ticket and enjoy leisurely sight seeing along the Grand Canal.

Beautiful view of Grand Canal after sunset

We hoped on Water bus for route 1 which stops at every stop along the Grand Canal (Piazzale Roma to San Marco). It was very cold night, and being on a water boat was making us feel more cold; however, enthralled to see the beauty of Venice at night we quickly occupied open seats in the front side of the boat. Clear sky, twinkling stars, and the shining moon made it an enchanted night.

Shiny moon and stars sparkling in a clear sky

One must definitely take a Vaporetti at night as it is great for leisurely sightseeing along the canal. It goes under the Rialto Bridge and offers great nighttime views of ornate ceilings and chandeliers inside the historic palazzi, restaurans, hotels, and art galleries at the both sides of the canal. Some outdoor art is also lit up at night making it look so different than in the daytime.

Nightlife in Venice
Beautiful Grand Canal at night
Casino in Venice

We hopped off at San Marco to see the beauty of San Marco square at night in peace. Most of the square’s buildings were illuminated, all the columns looked sparkling and exquisite. The uniformly arranged streams of light, made quite a display.

Streams of light at St. Mark’s square

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Day 3

Our day 3 tour started by visiting a church near our apartment and exploring Cannerigo on our way to Fondamente Nove.

Architectures in Cannerigo

If you’re planning a trip to Venice, Burano and Murano is a MUST do. The best way to get to these islands is by vaporetto that departs from Fondamente Nove “A”. The number 12 line runs every 30 minutes and takes about 45 minutes to reach Burano. It also stops at Murano, so you can hop on and off there as well.

Baby Bitsy was super excited to go on boat ride to these Islands. Around noon we hopped on the water bus. It was pretty cold with a yellow warning of wind, so we preferred to sit inside the vaporetto and in less than a hour we reached Burano.

On our way to the Islands

Baby Bitsy was spellbound seeing the rainbow colored houses. And if you love photography then your dream will come true. Some glimpses of our photoshoot.

Bright colored houses in Burano

It is a fishing village and all the houses are painted with bright colors, so that all the fisherman could easily find their home easily, after their long day of fishing.

Flag of Italy with colored houses of Burano

You can spend a couple hours wandering down the narrow streets, admiring the beautiful houses, posing for candid pictures, and popping into the bakeries, and lace shops. You can find incredibly delicate, intricate handmade lace. It is a great idea for a present, or else as a gift for your own delight! 

Lace shops
Beautiful handmade paintings

Baby Bitsy was happily running around and posing for pictures with no signs of tiredness. After getting a toy camera from a souvenir shop, she got wings, check out her candid pictures at Instagram @babybitsyworld.

After spending more than half a day there we returned back and chose to visit Murano the next day as it was dark (4:30 p.m) and chilling. Also, our ticket was valid for 24hours, so we made it a relaxed trip.

Tips: For travelling Burano.

To visit the Islands you must buy 24hours valid ticket of €20, that will give you sufficient time to visit all the places. You must wander away from the main street as you’ll see fewer tourists and can enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the canals and colorful houses that have long attracted painters to the island. Also, don’t forget to bargain in the souvenir shops

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Day 4

Last day of our trip started by visiting another must visit little Island Murano, which is famous for it’s colorful glass.

Colored glasses

Murano became the hotspot for glass-making in 1291 when all the glassmakers in Venice were forced to move to the island because of the risk of fires. You can visit the factories and shops on the island for a fascinating demonstration of glass making and blowing. The glass factory showcases Venetian glass techniques over the centuries, and display varieties of glass from as far back as Egyptian times. 

You’ll see 10s of shops selling their wonderful glass products which includes miniature versions of animals, houses, buildings and what not. The color used, makes one fall in love with the glass. From expensive to cheap you’ll find all variety, just look for your choice and you can get it at very reasonable prices.

Tips: For traveling to Murano

Explore all the shops before buying glass items, you can get better and cheap options.

We did some nice photoshoot there and then we headed back to Venice to visit Doge’s palace.

Doge’s Palace is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the building, and it’s sculptural decoration date from various dates.

Doge’s palace

We entered the palace and walked up the ornate golden staircase into the formal rooms lavishly decorated. We spent an hour there, and felt content. One of the memorable thing of Doge’s palace was our mistaken entry in a tunnel (through a door at the end of sovinier shop) while chasing Baby Bitsy. And we got to see musty prisons, hidden passageways, secret rooms, torture chambers, and Bridge of Sigh.

Then we came back to our apartment and had a scrumptious dinner at a Chinese plus Venetain cuisine restaurant.

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Day 5:

Venice is a delicate city with a lot of historical and cultural heritage. Overall, the key to enjoying Venice is to keep an open mind, to be prepared to walk a lot – with good walking shoes and a detailed map, and to remember that everything will take more time than you imagined. Leave the notion that travel here is about seeing a certain number of attractions. Don’t make a checklist especially if you’re traveling with your toddler.Venice will be an attraction for your kid, and the experience is everything.

We had a lovely time spent in Venice with Beautiful memories. And this trip is Baby Bitsy’s favorite trip as she got to walk around on her own, and she remembers that the buildings are candy colored, streets are water, and boats replace cars and buses.

CIAO CIAO (bye bye) VENICE…..

Explore Venice at Night time
Explore Venice at Daytime

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How to throw an ultimate Peppa Pig theme Birthday Party

We all know that toddlers are crazy for Peppa Pig so for their next birthday why not give them the ultimate Peppa Pig birthday party! Here is the sneak peak at Baby Bitsy’s 3rd Birthday party.

Decorating home is always fun and it gives me peace of mind and satisfaction. Also this awwes the eyes of every guest coming to your home. Parties organized at home need more efforts specifically theme based birthday parties. We’ve celebrated my daughter’s first birthday in India and the theme was ENCHANTED THEME. Later we shifted to London and we celebrated her second birthday at home. At that time she was more facinated about animals, so I selected the JUNGLE THEME. I decorated our home and it was very much appreciated by all our guests, specialy children who attended the party. This year again, we’ve celebrated PEPPA PIG theme for her 3rd birthday party with our family and friends! Cannot wait to share how everyone enjoyed the decoration and games we planned for the party. Some glimpse and detail of decorations follow:

Peppa Pig birthday party invitation

Peppa Pig Backdrop

Peppa pig backdrop

For backdrop similar to the above picture, you’ll require a complete wall or a part of it in your living room. And I guess you’ll agree with me that the most catchy decoration in this backdrop is Peppa pig house.

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Enchanted Theme Birthday decoration

Baby Bitsy’s 1st Birthday

A milestone year 🎉🎊,
A moment for smiles 😊,
And a few happy tears.

It’s hard to believe
How fast time has flown.
You started out so small,
But how quickly you’ve grown.


For every parent their child’s 1st birthday is a big MILESTONE to celebrate and for that they would like to do a small or big party. Even though kids won’t remember it, every parent want it to be rememberable. So at this age it’s still nice to do something special. You’ll be creating memories for yourselves, and you can also take pictures that you and your child can look back on.

It was the same feeling for me too as I had to plan for my daughter’s 1st birthday theme. My daughter came as an angel in my life, so it didn’t took much time for me to decide the birthday party theme which was “Tinker Bell and friends enchanted birthday party.”

For more details please continue reading.

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Jungle Theme Birthday Decoration

Baby Bitsy’s 2nd Birthday party at home.

Last year I had celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday at home. I had put a small effort in birthday party decoration using available stuffs at home. So, just thought of sharing some ideas with you all for your kids upcoming birthday party.

JUNGLE THEME Decoration as toddlers loves animals.

Soft toys, jungle animals, christmas tree and lights, flowers n pots, crepe paper green n brown, balloons, long waste chart paper for tree which u get in amazon boxes, printouts of animals, welcome n birthday boy/girl name, some wall decals and artificial leaves(you can make ur own with green chart paper too) from amazon as per your budget, photographs and left over craft work if u have any. For more details please continue reading.

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Diwali Celebration 2018

Diwali festival of lights is a religious Hindu festival and it is celebrated for different reasons, but all have a common thread of celebrating the victory of good over evil, and of light over darkness. 

What kids learn from Diwali festival?

Diwali usually starts with the Brahmamuhurta(roughly one-and-a-half hours before sunrise) and that’s usually around 4:00 a.m. Waking up during the Brahmamuhurta is a great blessing for health, ethical discipline, mind and body efficiency. So, as a parent if you are tired of trying to get your child to wake up early every morning, use this Diwali as an opportunity. Make it a discipline EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE.

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How to track your baby 1st year milestones?

Watching how your child develops and reaches new milestones is one of the most exciting things for mom.Every kid has different pace for reaching monthly milestones. So, don’t worry!  Just enjoy motherhood.

I would like to share baby Bitsy 1st year milestones(see photographs, click on continue reading). If you are a mother of new born baby than this post will definitely help you in tracking your baby milestones.You will definitely enjoy looking at all the milestones chart the day your baby will celebrate first birthday.

There are different ways to document your baby first year milestones like writing down in a diary, baby scrap book, taking photos etc. I liked the idea of taking baby photographs on every monthly birthday and then writing down the achieved milestones on the monthly birthday picture, see below photographs, I did the same for my daughter.

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“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

– Gustave Flaubert

Travel with your kids.

One of the best things you can do for your kids is to raise them as global citizens. And the easiest way you can do that?

Well, travel with them – as much as you can, as far as you can. Because they will be exposed to many different people, lifestyles, cultures, and landscapes, they will be interested in – and care about – the world around them.

The younger years are full of imagination and curiosity about the world. Most importantly, they literally see the world differently through their little eyes.


VENICE DIARIES Full blog to be posted soon…

Outdoor Fun: A visit to Goffs Park, Crawley

The best days end in dirty clothes.

What is your most treasured memories of childhood play? Independent play, outdoors and far from grown-up eyes, is what we remember, right!

Bitsy too loves going outdoor, especially parks with friends. Here is what she learned when she visited a nearby park some days back.

Take a walk with your child and let them show you wonders of the world. Continue reading “Outdoor Fun: A visit to Goffs Park, Crawley”

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